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Terms of use

All visitors of internet presentation www.stork.rs are consent with the following terms of use:

Internet presentation www.stork.rs all its pages and all presented information are entirely of informative and educational purpose. Descriptions of single products on www.stork.rs consist only of basic information from the text of the declaration of the final product. The given information cannot replace the ones in the product declaration;

Stork Drinks Company will persist on the information being accurate and up-to-date, but at the same time does not guarantee their accuracy and up-to-date state, nor does it take any responsibility in that respect. The users use information from www.stork.rs at their own risk. Stork accepts no liability for any hardware, software or any other damage that can occur on computer equipment at the time of use of www.stork.rs;

All information, graphics, visual and design solutions, files, articles and product names on www.stork.rs are protected as copyright or as subject to industrial copyright. All its illegal use without prior Stork consent, Stork will treat as breaching of its rights and will undertake legal sanctions against the wrongdoer. All the photographs on www.stork.rs represent only symbolic illustrations and come from the company archives or specialized websites offering those photographs under conditions prescribed by the copyright owner;

Stork Drinks Company keeps the right to change or remove any of the information or contents presented on www.stork.rs at any time, at own choice and without prior notice;

Stork Drinks Company keeps the right to put up links on www.stork.rs to other websites which it regards suitable, but is not and cannot be responsible for the content of those sites;

Information presented on www.stork.rs can be used for educational, scientific and non-commercial purposes but with obligatory notice of source of information and Stork Drinks Company as their exclusive owner;

Any information sent by the site visitor to company by internet or e-mail will not be classified as confidential and Stork Drinks Company reserves the right to further distribute that information, use it or include it into its site;

Stork Drinks Company respects the right of privacy of visitors to www.stork.rs thus the information acquired from the site will be used according to the existing law. The visitors are consent for their data to be used on www.stork.rs for the sake of internal statistics and analytics and in connection with corporate internet presentation. Stork Drinks Company will not provide the information about visitors to the third party without the prior consent of the visitor or according to legal obligations. Apart from that Stork Drinks Company tries to protect the information about visitors in the way that is inaccessible to the third party, but is not and cannot be responsible for the information got illegally by the third party.