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TS Stork Group” d.o.o. Kula

Protection of the Environment

Devotion to the improvement of health and quality of life as ethical principals includes the protection of environment as part of Stork strategy. Not only does the care for preservation and improvement of the environment exceed the respect of legal requirements and regulations but it also constantly processes the improvement of the environment through initiating and applying of specific improvement programmes. The preservation of resources and having a minimal negative effect on the environment is an integral part of the company’s business planning.

Aware of the potential influences of everyday processes on the environment, Stork makes sure to organize its business so as to reduce these influences to minimum and inside legal formats. Organisations like Stork are faced with huge responsibility in order to come up to its business needs and development and on the other hand to preserve the nature for today’s and future generations. The quality of the protection of the environment is constantly being monitored. Every year there are single monitoring programmes of waste waters, quality of drinking water and our own springs as well as programmes of removing recycled waste in cooperation with all-waste recycling companies. According to measurements and acquired results, protection measures are planned and implemented and their effects monitored.