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TS Stork Group” d.o.o. Kula

Social Responsibility

Stork does not measure its success only with good business results but also with responsibility to the community where it works. Apart from the humanitarian aid to the those who need it, Stork tries to identify and respond to the needs of the society improving the development of healthy values in Serbia. Its highly developed corporate responsibility is expressed through the care about the employees and their families, a partnership attitude to the local community and an ecological approach to the environment.

The primary areas of work in the domain of corporate responsibility are: supporting young perspective members of society, helping medical institutions and associations, supporting social institutions and associations, fostering development of culture, education, science and sport as well as supporting the preservation and protection of the environment.

The secondary areas of work according to current needs are: supporting other humanitarian activities and educational programmes in need of as well as helping the community in crisis situations.

Many faculty students and secondary school pupils had the opportunity to have practical lessons in Stork. If you need or want to find out how to apply the acquired knowledge from school or faculty send us an application to our contact page.

Humanitarian work

The Company “Stork Drinks Company” is a participant and sponsor of numerous cultural, scientific and sports events and organizations as well as an initiator of a lot of humanitarian activities. We think that every company which creates and builds its future with innovative technologies and solutions is at the same time obliged to contribute to the general welfare of the society it is part of.

There is a long list of help and gifts provided to children’s homes, hospitals, funds, schools, children and other individuals in need by the company “Stork Drinks Company”. Sponsorship and donation to many events and activities in the filed of culture and sports clearly picture our designation to cooperate and help.

As a socially responsible and engaged company, Stork Drinks Company supports humanitarian activities throughout the year. By helping the youngest is our wish to invest into safe future. Stork Drinks Company is a constant sponsor with its products to the society for helping disabled children MNRO “Plava ptica” from Kula.