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TS Stork Group” d.o.o. Kula


Today Stork is a big, serious and modern firm which owns enough vehicles for sales representatives’ fieldwork and delivery of goods Serbia wide. In order for our products to be totally available to our consumers, Stork created a quality system of distribution of our final products. In that way we enabled our products to be on the shelves in all stores in Serbia, and our buyers to have a quality product at an acceptable price regarding top quality.

Alongside the distribution system goes the function of salespeople which takes care of the availability of our products to the final user and their positioning in stores. We constantly take care of transport safety aspects of our products. Our sales department continuously informs our partners in supermarkets as well as in other stores about new products, researches the needs of every area and suggests creative solutions on the spot. Our aim is continuous research and understanding dynamics of the market and a maximum gain for the consumer. One of the primary aims is delivery of goods in the shortest possible time. Our buyers are always our orientation in business planning and we try to meet their requirements.